Your Airline Tickets: 

Customer Responsibility You make your own flight via any one of the online websites.  Your Airline ticket can range from 1,500 USD up to 3,000 or 4,000 USD. (There is normally a stop in Europe between USA and Ukraine.)

Your Accommodations

We can make your living arrangements in a hotel (starting at $50/day), or a beautiful apartment, or even rent a house with sauna and your own cook – it all depends on how much you want to spend. We will get this all clarified in our Skype communications. 

Your Other Ukraine Expenses:

This all depends on how much you want to do each day, and how much you might want to spend on a special lady.  Of course, you will pay for all of your meals and entertainment.

Fee to Ukraine-One-on-One: 

Each client’s personal tour to Ukraine is individually designed using Skype conference calls. We want your adventure to Ukraine to be as successful as possible. For example, one client may want to work part of the time while here; another client may have all the time completely free.  The individualized tour that we set up will be tailored to your unique situation. We simply cannot quote you a total fee without knowing how long you want to be here, how much effort we will put in for you, and other factors.     Elena and her team are even available to take you around to other parts of Ukraine with a personal driver and a nice car.  We are flexible and wish to accommodate you.  Your costs for the services in Sumy will be established after our Skype phone conferences with you. 50% of the total fee is due before you leave your home country, and the other 50% is due when you arrive in Ukraine, meet Elena, and get settled in.  We can discuss any convenient payment methods, including Paypal, Crypto-Currency, wire transfers, bank transfers, etc.   Think of this:  throughout your entire life, how much of your valuable time and money have you wasted on excessive eating, excessive drinking, psychotherapy, loneliness,  listening to Steve Harvey, reading “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, hanging out with ladies of the night, -pickup bars, one-night stands, visiting the occasional massage parlor, dating gold diggers, abusing drugs, having your heart broken, and experiencing lost productivity and happiness due to worry and stress of the loneliness in your soul? For some of you, that figure could easily approach a million dollars. What?  Are you going to waste another million dollars’ worth of your time and energy over the next 30 years ???   [/or_column_text][/or_column][/or_row]