Ukraine-One-on-One Bride Agency – the best service to find your future wife

We are not just another Ukraine bride and dating agency;  we are a very unique and specialized introduction service which allows you to interact, up close and personally, with lots of the kind of woman you are looking for.

What if I want one of the very first women whom I meet?

A:   If you meet someone special early on in the tour, Elena is happy to be your interpreter for the remaining time here as you and your new favorite lady get to know each other, and generally make sure that your visit is as fun as possible.

What if she doesn’t speak English?

A:   No problem. Once your new lady friend sees that you are serious about marriage, you will be amazed at how quickly she goes through the English language books and CD’s.  And many clients pay for their special lady to take intensive English classes. 

Can Elena help me with moving forward with marriage plans?

A:   Of course. Elena has a world of knowledge and experience with international marriages.

Ukrainian Dating Agency – your best friend in Ukraine

Do we need to prove that we are a legitimate couple?

A:   YES. Take pics of you and your beloved. If you find someone special, pull that camera out and take a pic or two. You will need this to demonstrate to immigration authorities that you two are legit.

Should I take lots of pics of my new lady?

A:   Ukrainian women tend to be a little shy; she might feel a little embarrassed if you take too many pics of her.  Once she gets to know you a little, she will appreciate your attention. 

Am I too old for this unique matchmaking opportunity?

A:   Never. Ukrainian women actually tend to prefer older men because of the wisdom, stability and experience they bring to the table. You could be age 85, and as long as you are fit, well-groomed and articulate, Ukrainian women from age 45 up would be completely open to you as a potential husband.

Is Ukraine-One-on-One a rich man’s escort service?

A:  We abide by the highest professional standards, and we are very serious about protecting the integrity of the women of Ukraine. Most Ukrainian women, especially those in places like Sumy, are very serious about marriage. Clients who come here just to have sex with a bunch of different women, whom they meet through Elena, will have their tour cancelled.

Is the Immigration process difficult?

A:   Not really.  It varies from country to country, and we will be happy to help you with everything on the Ukrainian side of the process, including being a witness to your Embassy as to the sincerity and legitimacy of the relationship.

Will I be meeting a bunch of hookers and models ?

A:  No way.  If you want to meet these kinds of women, this is not the tour for you.