Ukraine Brides
Beautiful women who deserve the best

Come and meet Ukraine’s beautiful future brides, young, good-looking, faithful women, women who are looking for a stable, honest man, with whom to start a family and live happily ever after!

YES, you can meet a wonderful and beautiful woman who APPRECIATES YOU and is FAITHFUL to you. Slavic women are gorgeous, have traditional values, and are more than happy to be your wife and the mother of your kids!

But she is not in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia [or anywhere else where women have forgotten how to be a woman]. She’s in Ukraine.

UKRAINE ONE-ON-ONE (a joint USA-Ukrainian company) is an exclusive, personal, one-on-one, 5-Star Introductions Agency, catering to successful, wealthy professionals.

Ukrainian Women – Gems of Eastern Europe

Ukraine is a historic and fascinating country, and its women are the most beautiful you will ever see. Here and now, in Ukraine, you CAN meet that wonderful woman, up close and in person ! Slavic women offer you the best of both worlds – the great beauty and femininity of western women, with the tradition and faithfulness of eastern women.

Bride Agency – what we can and cannot promise our client

What We Can Promise

We can promise you that, nowhere  (and we mean nowhere) will you have the chance to be among, mingle with, and meet, in a natural and non-threatening setting, so many gorgeous, sweet, available, normal women, women untarnished by the various ideologies that have made so many Western women unable or unwilling to be truly loving wives and mothers.

We can promise that Relationship Expert Elena can make all reasonable effort to introduce you to the the women you see and like (some circumstances will be easier than others – sitting the park vs. walking past hurriedly).

And we can promise you an exciting time visiting a historical and charming part of the world.

What we cannot promise

We cannot promise that each and everyone woman you pick will be fully receptive to being engaged socially by Elena, nor can we promise that every woman who meets you will immediately fall in love with you.

Wife Tours – We are Not Your Typical Agency

We know what you have been through.  You have wasted half your life looking for that magical woman, and have not found her.  We offer you the opportunity to see, mingle among, and be introduced to dozens of the loveliest, nicest women you will ever meet, right here, in the heartland of Ukraine.

Our company motto is: Stop it!

  • Stop getting ripped off by fake online profiles from overseas;
  • Stop wasting precious time on group excursions that host loud, dark, awkward events;
  • Stop being treated by women as if you have committed some crime;
  • Stop getting frustrated by staring at online porn;
  • Stop getting played by gold diggers;
  • Stop risking getting diseases or worse by hanging out with ladies of the evening

Your days of being being alone and lonely are all over.

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Charles, Client Relations, UKRAINE-ONE-ON-ONE.COM, USA Citizen, located in California, USA

Elena, Relationship Expert, UKRAINE-ONE-ON-ONE.COM, Ukrainian Citizen, located in Sumy, Ukraine